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    Snapdragon Movement provides private yoga sessions to individuals looking to increase stability, strength, balance and mindfulness.



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  • About Marina

    I began my yoga practice as a way to cross-train while competing in sports throughout high school and college. After college I found myself confronted with multiple injuries and surgeries that required me to rebuild my understanding of my body and how it moved. This also meant needing to be more mindful with myself. During my recovery I found my way back to yoga and noticed with excitement my progress as my strength and flexibility returned. Pretty soon I was doing high intensity interval training and running again. Practicing yoga was not only beneficial to restoring my strength and endurance but to also begin to connect to my physical, mental, and emotional self in a new way. Having to meet myself wherever I am each day allows me to further my athletic performance, improve my mindfulness, and my mind-body connection. This continues to be something I work toward each time I step on my mat. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore their bodies and mind while finding healthy ways to strive toward improved well-being.


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    Meeting Ourselves Where We Are

    Some of us may be returning from an injury or working to prevent an injury to be able to maintain active lifestyles. Snapdragon Movement provides classes to strengthen, increase stability and balance, and improve focus, while also providing modifications and adjustments to make yoga accessible no matter where you are in your practice. I always encourage the use of props including blocks and straps.

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    Providing a Safe Space to Practice

    I believe everyone deserves an open, compassionate, and safe place to explore their own yoga practice. Snapdragon Movement creates a space for individuals of all levels to learn and move.

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    It is not only important to take care of the physical body but to also address the whole human experience and this includes mental health. Classes include meditation, mindfulness practices, and techniques to help reduce stress and increase focus.

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    12 Private Classes


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    Cancellation Policy

    Class packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need to cancel a private session we ask that you provide 24 hours advance notice to avoid a charge. Private class cancellations will be charged a $45 fee if canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

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